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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday Boy

Today we celebrated Henry's 5th birthday by hosting a costume party in his honor. Many neighborhood children attended. As well as some local fowl.

We played pin the tail on the donkey.

We had a face painter. And although she painted a lot of mustaches, they were not her only specialty, she was simply indulging the requests of the proud poppa.

We had a pinata.

And we had one very happy little 5 year-old, who got a real baseball bat and a bucket of baseballs for his birthday.

But can he still hit? Yes. Everything.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day in New Jersey

We had a wonderful trip in New Jersey. We visited with family and dinosaurs. We saw fireworks, museums, parks and libraries. We barbecued, and celebrated Poppop's birthday.

Here are some shots from playing over at Nana's with Charlie Bear.

We also played upstairs with Daddy's Legos from when he was a kid. A box so full of Legos it was the mother lode! There were still items; houses and vehicles intact that had been built roughly 20 years ago! Thanks for safekeeping them Nana! Even Frannie got in on the act, she loves little Legos too!

The next day we went to a new park (Finch Park) in Ramsey that Charlie Bear wanted to show us.

We also visited the Franklin Lakes public library and park with Poppop.

The next day was our big outing in New York City at the Museum of Natural History. We checked out some dinosaurs, and Miller showed off his dinosaur karate chopping moves.

I also joked with the boys as they posed for a picture that the dinosaur was going to eat them. At first Henry was shocked, then he was scared, and then he decided to run for it!

Miller really enjoyed the primates.

After 5 hours in the museum we decided it was time to head outside and get some fresh air. We crossed the street into Central Park, and Ali did her best People magazine 'celebs with their children' cover photo.

That night was Wyckoff's fireworks display. The boys demonstrated what the fireworks looked like when they launch and explode.

I'd say they did a pretty good job.

Henry sat in Nana's lap and was in awe.

The next day we went to a cookout hosted by Jess and Jim.

We also found a bike in Poppop's garage. Probably one of Jack's old bikes. The training wheels were still on them. So we took those off, had Henry clean the bike up, and we headed back out to the library park to give it a spin. It worked great!

We still had one more cookout for Poppop's birthday. Ribs, heirloom tomatoes and basil from the yard. Mmm.

But all good trips must come to an end, so the next day we got back on an airplane. Henry watched the movie, while Frannie entertained herself by pounding on his back.

Thanks everyone! We had a great trip! Thanks for hosting, treating, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. It was great to see and play with everyone. And apologies again on behalf of the boys for the clogging of various local toilets!