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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Uncle Hank's & Jo's Visit

We love visitors. Thank you Uncle Hank and Jo for your generosity, energy, and fun coming out to visit us in our new home for a long weekend. Thank you for the baseball games and presents, and making the trek to Oak Park! We hope you enjoyed your stay. Everyone enjoyed your company and your Blue Footed Booby hat. Especially Frannie.
We loved the Cubs game. Even if some of us were a little tuckered out before the game even started, we were able to rally just like the Cubs did.
On the last day of the visit we ventured off into the woods to find treasure. Successfully! And we saw some wild life too.
Frannie loved drumming on Uncle Hank's back.
And someone in our midst is ready to start walking.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big Girls Feed Themselves

And sometimes add a little yogurt to their hair just to keep it healthy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1 Part Annie, 2 Parts Frannie

One of the things we did in Union Pier was watch movies in the evening. Ali purchased two of her childhood favorites for the boys to watch: Annie and The Karate Kid. I was surprised at the Karate Kid choice. These boys will take one lesson from it. Karate is for hitting people! As if they didn't already know that? As if that lesson needed to be reinforced?

Turns out it wasn't The Karate Kid, but Annie that really left an impression on them. Listen.

We also had a birthday party for a little lady who turned one. As a prize for making it this far with two older brothers, she was given a cupcake, and a song. And visits from her extended family

And if I recall, I swore there'd be some more pics from our vacation in Union Pier.

Can anyone spot Henry's addition to a recent shopping list? (Hint: Melons)

And to round things out, here are some shots about town

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Union Pier

We're having a great time, but we have too much house and not enough guests! We'll be sure to remedy that next year and schedule more folks spend the week with us at our rental in Union Pier.

We had takeout from Nani's one night, and while we waited they brought the boys some root beer in frosted mugs. Henry loved his. Miller found his a little too "spicy." He's still not sure if he trusts carbonated beverages.

We also tried the local ice cream shop - Oinks. Henry needed more than ice cream to cool him down though, he had to hide under the umbrella for some shade.

Frannie was all smiles.