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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dinosaur Expedition

On Monday we went on a dinosaur expedition to the Field Museum - our first ever visit to the Field Museum.

We brought our binoculars for the expedition

We held hands so no one got lost, and climbed all the stairs to the entrance while daddy carried the stroller

We ate our picnic lunch with the narwals

After lunch we found the percussion room for kids and we played instruments and sang songs.

It was a really fun museum visit and though we never took a picture of the dinosaur, we did see dinosaur bones, so our expedition was a success!

Then when we got home we had a smiling competition

Followed by a funny faces competition

We plan on featuring mad faces tomorrow. We're expecting Frances to win that one ;-)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Touch A Truck, Ride A Train

Busy busy weekend!

There was a Touch a truck event in OP Saturday morning, then we rode on Thomas the Train at the Railroad Museum Saturday afternoon, followed by a birthday party on Sunday. As usual, our camera caught the goodness.

Our first stop after the farmer's market was the Touch a Truck event in Oak Park. The boys were more interested in digging with shovels and trucks in the huge sand pile than in touching actual trucks, but I was able to drag them off to the trucks for a few photos.

Then off to the Illinois Railroad Museum in Union, IL.

Yup, there was mini golf at the railroad museum, I'm not sure why.

There was also a huge pile of sand for digging at the railroad museum, again I am not sure why, but they started their day digging in a huge pile of sand, and they ended their day with that too.

Then on Sunday we went to Madden's house to help her celebrate turning 4. Her parents invited the party bus to stop by and the party bus brought a pinata. When not batting for candy, Henry Jay and Miller kept themselves occupied with Madden's pink roller skates, pink lawnmower, and mini bouncy house.

This, is the party bus.

The pinata was hung by the front tree with care

The birthday girl took some swings at it

Miller took some cuts as well

Still no candy, and someone was very unhappy with these results

Enter Josh Lamb, the birthday girl's Daddy

And watch that candy fly!

Some people really appreciated Josh's home run swing at that moment.

Lollipop lawnmower

Now who can I intimidate with this bat to get their candy?

Candy-colored lips

My own private bouncy house

Pink roller skates

And some very happy boys after a wonderful birthday party.