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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peter John!

Henry Jay was nice enough to keep an eye on Peter John while they sat on the couch watching a show. He held Peter John's hand, and allowed Peter John to mug his face and tug on his ears.

Miller kept his distance and sat on the other couch. He's not sure what to make of this competition for attention with a baby.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yaya and Poppa gave the boys a new set of wheels for Easter. Miller got a motorcycle - it didn't take him long to get the hang of it. Pushing off with both feet, picking his feet up to extend his glide, enjoying the wind blowing through his hair (which will be encased in a toddler-sized helmet the next time he rides, I assure you).

Henry got a new scooter, but someone else was busy using it so he stuck to his glider bike.

Easter in Minneapolis

The boys had a great time celebrating Easter in Minneapolis. They found their Easter baskets then they collected Easter eggs out in the yard. After that we went to brunch at Minikahda, followed by the boys playing out on the croquet lawn where Ali and I were married almost 7 years ago.

Miller asking for more, "pease!"

Why yes, I do enjoy breakfast in my boots.

Easter kisses

Easter hugs

When Miller is upset, this is his version of a fit. He lays face down wherever he is, and silently keeps his face in his hands until he's ready to face the world again. He just wasn't ready for brunch I guess, so we went outside for some fresh air.

Now he's ready for brunch!

Henry Jay playing with his new best buddy Peter John.

Very Gatsby, Miller, very F. Scott. The hair, the croquet lawn...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Can Super Heroes be Brothers?

We've entered a super heoes phase with Henry Jay. Now it's all about comic books, Superman, Spiderman, The Flash, Wonder Woman. Who would beat who in a fight, etc. Henry Jay is a little super hero himself, with Miller playing the role of trusty sidekick!

They're also pretty good eaters, when they get the food in their mouths. Miller was having some trouble with his chocolate bananas.

And his yogurt.

Henry just found Miller's messy eating hilarious.

This last picture, is one I took just as Henry ran around the corner and almost crashed into me and the camera. If he ever wonders what face he makes just before impact - this is it. Kind of like the Homer Simpson "D'oh!" face.