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Friday, August 20, 2010

Translation: Shake Your Peanuts

Why? What did you think he was saying?

Also, a couple funny things Henry said this week:

Ali sent him upstairs on Friday to tell me that after I was done with work they wanted to go to the Duckfat Tavern for dinner. I told him to tell Ali that I would be ready to go in 20 minutes. Henry replied "20 minutes? That'll take forever!"

Earlier this week Ali, Miller and Henry were at the park playing on a train. Ali asked Henry if he was the conductor and he said yes. So Ali asked if she and Miller could ride on the train. Henry said yes. Ali asked, "how much does it cost?" to which Henry replied, "Five more monies!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

3 Teeth High and Rising

2 teeth up on the top

and a lone snaggle tooth on the bottom

look a little closer

Does this mean Miller will have Summer Teeth? (Some are here, some are there)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Funny Things My Son Says 2:

Henry asked for a burger for dinner but wouldn't eat it. He then asked for corn for dinner but wouldn't eat that either. He then asked for his burger again but wouldn't eat it. At that point dinner was over. Later, when an exasperated Daddy asked him why he would continue to ask for things to eat and then not eat them, Henry looked Daddy square in the eye and said, "you worry too much Daddy," and walked off.

Earlier this week Henry asked Mommy, "Can we go somewhere special? Like the museum, or Target?"

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We had the most wonderful (and exhausting) weekend in Maine with Brian, Sally, baby Will, and our tremendously generous and gracious hosts Kathleen and Rob Flory.

It was fun and wonderful because we ate fantastic meals, drank wine, went out on their boat, picked Swiss chard, raspberries and blueberries from their garden, played baseball, and went for walks in the yard.

It was exhausting because keeping an eye on both of the boys and making sure they didn't fall down flights of stairs, pull the dog's tails, break works of art, drop toys into the grand piano, or wander off in the yard required ceaseless vigilance which really cut into our wine consumption and feet elevating.

We arrived at the house on Thursday afternoon after flying in to Boston that morning, getting the rental car, having lunch in Cambridge with the Frangos's and stopping in Portsmouth to shop. Since the alarm woke us up at 3:45 that morning we were more than ready to kick-back and relax with a glass of wine upon arrival. However somebody had other ideas. Within 90 seconds of arriving Henry began rubbing the spot on his face where he had gotten a kiss from Clyde the dog. Within 5 minutes his eye was nearly swollen shut. Out the door for Benadryl and Claritin, calls to doctors and pharmacists, and though he looked like a boxer he was fine the rest of the trip.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chilling Out Downtown

When the suburbs get too hot, you can always head in to the city and go downtown to cool off in Crown Fountain.