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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Henry Jay Conquers the Playground

Henry Jay can be a little squeamish around some of the playground equipment. We're not exactly sure why, but he rarely goes down the slide, doesn't like the swings, and though he'll start climbing up different ladders, most of the time he slowly, and very deliberately climbs back down, before reaching the top.

Until today.

Mommy caught this moment on film, while balancing Miller on her arms. A bystander was also cheering Henry on. The climb was not without its tense moments, like when Henry almost lost his balance, but he did it! And he's so proud once he made it to the top.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Funny Things My Son Says:

* At dinner tonight, after asking for his third helping of macaroni and cheese, we noted, "Henry, you're so hungry tonight!" He replied, "I know! There's a hungry boy in my mouth."

* Yesterday, his friend Madden was spraying him with the hose as they played together in the back yard. In a commendable "use your words" moment, he shouted angrily, "Madden, I am not enjoying this!"

* After not getting a piece of my blueberry muffin this morning -- because it's Father's Day, a special day for the fathers, and Daddy has a right to his entire muffin -- he explained to us, "But it's Boys' Day, too."

Ever notice how when taking family portraits one kid participates and one kid doesn't, then they switch. For every photo? Clearly not everyone loves having his picture taken.

But I guess we had some nice pictures turn out from the day. If you take enough of them.

Father's Day was great, my wife and boys took me to Sunday Brunch 95 stories above Chicago. We dressed up for the occasion, and Henry and I matched in what he referred to as our "workermen" outfits.

Miller is toddling now too provided he has adequate support, and a willing passenger.

Henry bursts into song on the walk home from the park, singing the song Yaya taught him weeks ago. Notice how Miller is reaching for Henry while he's singing - he loves his big brother!

Upon hearing we weren't going the way home that Henry wanted, he took out his frustration on the camera. Twice, almost.

Since Miller mostly squeaks when he talks, I decided we should start speaking his language and squeak back at him. Henry Jay joined in and Miller loved everything we had to say.

Miller eats his drumstick to keep himself occupied during a diaper change, otherwise its a nonstop wrestling match while we change him. Unfortunately, this drumstick wasn't quite up to the task of being gummed by Miller and the paint started chipping. But thanks to the quick-thinking and heroic actions of this Father of the Year candidate I saved him. And besides, the paint is non-toxic, and I did get all of it out of his mouth before any was consumed.

Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin

I'm downstairs when I get the call.

Ali had just gone upstairs to check on the boys, both of whom had been quiet, post bedtime, so was it safe to assume they'd been sleeping? No it was not. "Love, I'm gonna need your help up here... and bring the camera."

And I'm on my way.

As I come to learn later this wasn't Henry's first go-round with a bottle of lotion... today.

During his nap time he'd climbed up his shelves, grabbed a tube of Desitin, and done a similar, 'rub it all over my arms and legs' routine. Only this time, with this tube of lotion, it poured out all over him, his pillow, pajamas, diaper, sheets, etc. Well we cleaned him up, settled him down, and enjoyed the calming scent of lotion wafting from his room the rest of the evening.

Cheerios and Trucks

One loves his Cheerios.

And one loves his train of trucks - he built it all by himself.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Just your basic month of June with the boys.

Shared bath time with a squeaky little baby:

A baby who absolutely can not sit still for one second and would crawl over his own mother just to get to the other side. Seriously, he NEVER STOPS MOVING.

A baby who gets even cuter when his little curly reddish blonde hair gets messed up on a warm sweaty day

Local Blackhawks fan

And they even share their toys. That is, Henry is willing to climb up onto and into Miller's toys, though Henry isn't too keen on Miller playing with any of Henry's toys

And Henry still can't decide which he likes better, firemen:

Or workmen: