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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Working Hard with the Mighty Haircut

Poor Billy.

Billy is a character in one of Henry's truck books. Possibly, Henry's favorite truck book, "Working Hard with the Mighty Backhoe," part of his cherished Tonka Truck series. Billy's been the butt of more than a few jokes from Ali and me. We've read this book to Henry countless times, stifling laughter for poor Billy and his awful, ridiculous haircut.

The same haircut that Henry now sports thanks to his mother who thought she'd cut his hair herself. Oh the irony. Judge for yourself.

At least Chubs is still looking tip-top!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chicago Boys

Another wonderful weekend out and about in Chicago.

Saturday we hit the lumber yard so Henry could take their forklift for a spin. In the two minutes he spent sitting in the forklift's driver seat he managed to turn on the forklift's lights. It took Daddy four minutes how to figure out turning them off. And no, Henry didn't get the forklift stuck on any train tracks as his father has been known to do back in the day when he drove a forklift while working at a lumberyard.

On Sunday Henry and Daddy went up to Liam's house so we could see the Northwest Side Irish Parade. It was windy, but we loved the bagpipes, firetrucks, and getting to spend time with our best friend Liam.

While we were up north doing that Miller and Mommy got some quality time to work on making each other laugh. Looks like they've got it down pretty well.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Best Part of the Giraffe?

Miller would probably vote for the hoof especially when served with a side of his own fingers. But he's an equal opportunity giraffe muncher - we've seen him munch that giraffe's snout, face, back, and hindquarters.

Look at that big boy sitting up at the counter in Henry's seat! Miller's also been rolling over from his back to his tummy. So much progress, can we attribute it all to the vitamins and minerals he gets from giraffes?