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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Sorry it's been so long since our last post but we've been so busy!

Two weeks ago we got a visit from Nana, a visit from Liam, and we celebrated Mother's Day and Daddy's birthday.

Last weekend we visited cousin Liam in Schaumburg and celebrated Mommy's birthday.

This weekend we celebrated Memorial Day with a barbecue and a couple new toys that should help to keep little boys cool during the summer months.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Fun-Filled Weeked in Oak Park

Hello, Spring. We're all so happy to have you back. Now that we can get out of the house and enjoy much of what Oak Park has to offer, we're taking full advantage.

Saturday: go to a park, watch a parade and visit a diversity festival -- all before lunch

Henry, aside from the fire engine, and the dancing, and the tumblers, what was your favorite part of the Diversity parade? Kids doing yoga.

Sunday: go to a different park, assemble the new grill, mow the lawn, and have our Oak Park neighbors the Negrons over for dinner

The kid LOVES watermelon.

And every morning when we come down to breakfast, we check on the robin who has made a nest just outside the kitchen by the back steps. We tell Henry that the robin is going to have little baby birds one of these days, and we'll be able to hear their peeps. A lot of our discussions with Henry these days center around warming him up to babies.

Here's a couple more photos from the last few weeks. Henry during a druming session on the kitchen counter after dinner.

Henry sipping his milk with Mommy at play time.