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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Babies Deserve Kisses

We're pretty affectionate parents. Henry never goes too long without being hugged or kissed; and it's usually both and more than one in succession. As a result of this it's apparent that Henry has learned what a kiss is and that it is appropriate to give kisses to babies. In the past couple days he's begun kissing a little baby doll of his. He makes the sound and everything and it's really very sweet.

Because I've seen him mimic other things we do I feel pretty confident that we can proudly take credit for his affection towards his baby and how he shows it.

As for what he does after he kisses his little baby doll... I have no idea where he learned that but I can assure you it wasn't from Ali or me. Honest!

This video was shot yesterday morning.

This video was shot yesterday evening and clearly Henry is yet to learn a more appropriate finish to a baby kiss.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Henry Is The Cutest

There, I said it.

I think the cutest thing Henry does is when the occasion arises that he wants to see something in another room, and he wants you to come with him, he'll reach up for your hand and then hold your finger and lead you away. The first time I saw him do this was with my Aunt Jan at her place. He was in the hall and wanted to go see her cat who was in the bedroom. He reached up for her hand. I melted. Looking back, I wonder if it was because he wanted her to accompany him as a bodyguard, because yes, that's the same cat who hissed at him constantly and wanted to scratch his face off.

Every once in a while he'll do that with one of us and it thrills me every time.

Last night he added a twist. After I had given him his bath that's typically when he goes off with Mommy to read a story and she puts him down to bed while I go off to eat dinner or whatever. So as he was headed into his room to pick out his book he reached up for her hand. But he didn't stop there, he also reached back for mine too.

So flanking Henry, each one of his little hands clasping one of our fingers, we walked with him into his room to say goodnight.

If I could freeze that moment, that feeling, package it, give it to others... Bliss.

But then again, we're talking about a kid who can be cute when he discovers that he can balance his dinner on his head. Yeah, cheese.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Henry is 17 months old!


So what has the kid been up to?

Motor skills and play He is such a little boy, it kills me. Throwing balls is his favorite pastime, and can I just say, I think this kid might be a real athlete someday -- his overhand throw is better than mine. His favorite toy is this hammer thing that I have had to hide every once in a while because it's making me deaf. He will pound on it for 20 minutes straight as hard as possible, then bring it over to me so he can watch me do the same. His favorite is when I hammer the pieces hard enough that they pop out and scoot across the floor. He is constantly trying to lift huge heavy objects, just for the hell of it. He will pick them up, move them a few feet, put them back down, and move on. Not a daredevil in the slightest; he loves to climb the ladder up to the slide, but once he's there he wants me to get him down or slide down with him. Oh, and he's still obsessed with the broom and Swiffer.

Verbal Attempts to say all sorts of things, though his pronunciation needs some work. Most objects fall into one of several word categories:

-- dah or duh (dog/car/truck/cat/dad)
-- hi-ya (hello, Henry, Grandma, help, hammer)
-- buh-buh (bye-bye, baby, bunny, bus, beep beep)
-- chee (cheese, tree, train)
-- boo-boo (book, broom, blue, and oddly, milk)
-- oh-tay (OK/yes) -- used with a vigorous head nod

... then of course there's the clear-as-day NO-NO!!, which is becoming used a little too frequently for my liking. This is probably my own fault though as he and I have been watching the Oscar the Grouch and Elmo video for the No Dance. Now Henry is obsessed with the song and will sing it on command. The refrain anyway. Sometimes he'll just see my computer and point to it and say, "No!" by way of request. He also knows many different animal sounds. Finally starting to say Mama when he really wants something, but will tell you my name is Bobo if you point to me (???). If being able to produce a sound anywhere close to the actual word counts, then I'd say he has 30-40 words? He also loves to read books together -- not so much for the story, but the opportunity to point out things he recognizes.

For example, he's been reading his favorite book: My First Truck Book. He knows every word.

Personality Like I said, such a BOY. In addition to throwing balls and hammering he is obsessed with cars, trucks, trains and buses. Each one he sees is the best thing that ever happened to him. A definite ham when he's feeling good, though lately he's been a bit of a whiny mess on account of teething and a cold. :( Definitely going to give me a run for my money with his little temper as he gets older -- he hates being told no, and more and more frequently will throw himself on the ground for a little tantrum when things don't go his way. He's also been taking some swings at us lately, too. But apart from these moments he is incredibly affectionate and will often randomly stop what he's doing to run over and give me a hug and kiss. Can't complain about that. :)

Sleep He sleeps through the night now IF he's feeling OK. However, he's very prone to wake-ups if he's not, as evidenced by a few memorable nights from the past couple weeks. Sometimes I really think I'm losing my mind and then he'll STTN the next week and we're friends again. ;)

Size Not sure how tall, but I think he weighs around 25 lbs. Definitely skinny for his height now. Where did those chunky cheeks go?

Eating Eats three good meals with a couple of snacks along the way. Not horribly picky, but definitely has texture issues with certain things. Drinks a large amount of whole milk. I just successfully weaned him off the before-bed feeding, so we're down to nursing in the mornings only now -- mostly because it gives me an excuse to stay in bed! I'm planning to cut him off completely in the next month.

That's all I can think of at the moment...I love my funny kid!

Especially when he's wearing a robe. If this keeps up Hef may have to retire to make room for the new generation of swanky young fellows.

We went to Garfield Park Conservatory on Sunday and it was great. It's free (donations encouraged), enormous, beautiful, kid-friendly, and best of all during a long cold Chicago winter - it's downright tropical! Not much could be better than walking around palm trees and tropical flowers in warm humid air in February.

Today, Henry got a hold of Daddy's hat and began parading around the house in it.

Why was he dressed in just his onesie? Maybe it had something to do with Henry not being the cleanest, most fastidious eater... Especially when spaghetti is involved:

And last night Henry got a new green ball from Target, which he loves!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Henry's Got Game

Not to get too Proud Papa on everyone here, but I think this video of Henry tossing block after block into a bucket is tremendously impressive. I know every parent thinks their kid is the cutest, brightest, most talented, etc., but I've never been like that. On the contrary, I've repeatedly used this forum to point out that he's goofy, silly, and that he shows poor judgment with regularity, but this video is different. Now I have proof of his unquestionable talent. He makes shots lefty, righty, from various distances, with different sized blocks, whether he's seated, or standing, facing the bin or not. Henry hit more than 50% of his shots with ease. He also doesn't want to shoot a new one until the old one goes in the bin, and he instructs Mommy when he needs help with a rebound. Genius!

To top it off, Henry happily busts a move during the Boss's Super Bowl halftime show. Henry shows that inside of him there's Jersey pride when Bruce Springsteen runs through his set.

Now Henry Jay may no longer be a crawler, but it is undeniable that he IS a baller, a shot caller, a dance floor mauler, a diaper hauler, and a dance partner trawler.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Henry's Projects

Lately Henry has been giving himself little projects around the house. For example, he loves taking items and either pulling all of them out or else putting all of them away. He will also assign himself the task of taking all the items from one spot and moving them to another, and then upon completion going back and doing it all over again in reverse. I don't know where this Sisyphean tendency developed *gulp* but it's pretty funny to watch.

For example, last weekend Henry took all his toys in the kitchen and put them into an empty box. He then decided that all of those toys then needed to be relocated to a different box in a different room, and quickly set about this task with singular focus.

Why? I couldn't possibly venture a guess. But if he tackles his schoolwork and homework with the same sense of purpose we could be looking at a seriously self-motivated student.