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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Play dates

Henry has a busy social calendar to be sure.

Just this Sunday he got a visit from his cousin Liam along with Patrick and Katy. They read books, tried on hats, and enjoyed the red ball and tunnel that Henry got for Christmas.

Then today he hosted a play date with his buddy Jackson. Though they couldn't decide in which direction they should go, clearly they were able to share like good little boys.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Henry Jay: Resume

16 month old toddling tornado seeks either carpenter's assistant role or professional dancer role. Any position that encompasses both areas of expertise would be preferred.

Proficiencies: hammering (hammer not necessary), dancing, use of a Swiffer.

Additional skills: mimicry of foolishness

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mommy's New Post

Henry turned 16 months last week! Let's see what he's up to these days...

-- Around Christmas he started running...and he hasn't stopped since! Seriously, I think he forgot how to walk at a normal pace. To be clear, he is typically running away from me and whatever unfun thing I want him to do at any given moment -- hmmmmm. Also turning into quite the little climber (able to climb into the bathtub now -- scary!) and starting to be able to kick a ball.

-- Still no real verbal explosion but his consistent intelligible words are Dada, dog, ball, bye-bye, hat, no, yeah, PopPop, more. He's got a bunch of other ones that require parental translation. And with the exception of dog, he calls animals by their sound (e.g., a cow is a "moooooo"). REFUSES to say Mama and it's driving me crazy.

-- On the topic of animals, he is wicked good at his animal sounds. Why this is something we teach our babies before anything of actual importance, I am not sure. But I do know my son can accurately tell you what a cow, monkey, dog, pig, sheep and owl say.

-- Also getting good at his body parts. Cracks me up -- when you ask him where his hands are, he holds them up like he's under arrest.

-- OBSESSED with cars and trucks. I have no idea where this came from other than his chromosomal make-up. Every morning he runs to the windows to watch for the random snowplows, school buses, fire engines and garbage trucks that go by. Each one is like the first one he ever saw: "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!!!!" ("Duh" being his word for truck.)

-- Seems to understand so much of what we say to him. He loves to run little errands around the house (this could come in handy). Also great at picking out images on command from books.

-- On that note, he can also correctly identify almost all the immediate family members in pictures.

-- Loves "hiding" from me (fortunately he's not all that stealth yet).

-- Has FINALLY had a string of sleeping through the night, 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. I think the trouble over the holidays was due to the travel and his incoming molars. One long nap now from 12-2:30 p.m.

-- Still nursing in the morning and before bed. Inexplicably calls nursing "ha." I am slowly weaning him...

-- Also drinks a ton of cow's milk (around a gallon a week) and is doing pretty well with meals. Somewhat picky but nothing terrible. Favorite foods are any and all fruits, avocados, cheese, Goldfish, pancakes/waffles.

-- Assigns himself funny little "projects" throughout the day, like taking all his food off his plate and putting it all back on, or collecting all the balls at the indoor playground.

-- Somewhere around 24-ish pounds.

-- Loves to dance and will do so almost anytime music comes on. His signature move involves stomping his feet like crazy. He will also do a twirl on command!

-- Can correctly identify almost all the characters on Sesame Street. :) (Yeah, I broke down on my pledge to keep him from watching TV till 2 years. Oh well.)

-- Does not yet understand the concept of coloring or painting in the slightest, in spite of my best efforts! Inevitably eats and/or throws the crayons.

-- Is awesomely affectionate -- will stop something randomly to run over and give me a hug and huge wet kiss. I LOVE THIS KID. :D

Here are some more photos from the last month. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Henry and the Holidays, part II

We're back from the east coast leg of our trip, and though it was a wonderful trip we're excited to be home. I imagine that sleeping in our own bed, (when Henry permits us to sleep), will do wonders for us. And returning home to the familiar and a routine should help get Henry back on a sleep schedule that doesn't include 3 hour breaks in the middle of the night for him to conduct his screaming practice.

We started in Boston where Henry enjoyed the view of all the trucks in the street.

And he enjoyed exploring his new hotel room:

And showing off his new move: the shoulder shrug.

Next we went to New Jersey to see more family and celebrate the holidays with them.

Henry Jay loved the singing and dancing penguins and snowmen at Pat and Dad's house so much that he showed off some dance moves of his own:

And he got to play with his cousins Lily and Kaitlin. I've never seen Henry so wound up as he was after chasing Lily and Kaitlin around the house for a couple of hours. That night he was so exhausted he tried to lay down and go to sleep in the tub.

We were also excited to take Henry to Abma's farm so he could see the animals at the petting zoo.

Before we left the tri-state area we were also were able to make it into midtown so that Henry could meet his great great aunt Jan. Henry also got to meet her Abyssinian, Oedipus. Henry's enthusiasm for Oedipus was rivaled only by the cat's distaste for Henry, and we had our hands full making sure they kept their distance:

All in all it was a fantastic holiday season. Happy holidays everyone! And a special congrats to Aunt Jessie and Jim who got engaged over the break! Yay!!