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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A whole entire week without the Buster?

How will I ever survive? I leave tomorrow afternoon for a week of training in Seattle. I don't get back until Saturday morning on the red eye. Which means I am also missing our first Halloween in Oak Park and Henry's first Halloween with actual trick or treating.

I'm not sure how I will make it through a week not seeing with or playing with that little Buster. We did dress him up in his costume so I could get a feel for what I'll be missing and to take some photos, but I guess to make it through this week without him I will just have to think about Henry in some of his more challenging times, like when he became a pirate and looted our sleep...

Which also coincided with Henry's 'Salvador Dali' phase... Minus the artwork.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Peek-A-Boo is a pretty simple game. It has pretty basic rules. I see you, you see me, then we don't. Repeat as necessary. But in the hands of Henry, coupled with a dish towel, and Mommy behind the camera, it becomes the most fascinating game in the world...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And in honor...

...of the one year anniversary of the day that Henry came home with us from the hospital, he slept through the night. All the way through. For the very first time in his life and it only took 13 months. No nursing at midnight, or 1 or 4, he slept straight through until 7 AM. Maybe it was the afternoon nap he never took on Tuesday, or maybe it was his way of approving the fact that Tuesday night Ali and I got a babysitter and spent a night out together (which is rare), or maybe it was just in celebration of that night, one year ago, when he slept at home with us for the first time rather than in the NICU. Whatever the case, it worked. Ali and I looked at each other Wednesday morning, and we knew it, we hadn't seen each other or Henry since we went to bed. Henry slept through the night for the first time! Yay!!

Of course now I've probably jinxed it and he won't do it again for another 13 months.

It led to Ali and I discussing it a lot this week - what it was like back then? What was our first week at home with Henry like? We have no idea. We can't remember. It required pictures and videos from that time for us to remember how it felt and what we did that first week when we had this tiny little baby at home with us and no longer under the watchful eyes of nurses and doctors 24x7. We remember we took him for a walk and we were freaked out the entire time. We remember being happy, excited, overwhelmed, humbled, clueless, and thrilled. We remember that he would sleep in that sweet little Moses basket and he would sleep on my chest, or anyone's chest, and hardly anywhere else.

These days Henry has been very busy. He's settling into his new home and neighborhood, including a little bit of feeding himself with a spoon.

He also tried to take a bath with his shoes and socks on.

Last weekend he made an appearance and an impression (on the ear drums of our neighbors) at our Oak Park block party.

He's also been spending time at the Oak Park farmer's market every Saturday morning to get fresh donuts, cider, apples and produce.

And of course he's getting lots of visits from family.

Coupled with the fact that he's had two parents around all day this week to keep him busy (I don't start my new gig until Monday) it's easy to understand why Henry may be a little extra tired these days.

Well sleep well again tonight little man; I can't wait to get to spend another day with you tomorrow.