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Saturday, July 26, 2008

World's Happiest Baby?

It's possible that Henry is the world's happiest baby if we're to believe the commentary from strangers, family and friends. Sure, Henry has his moments - as Ali and I know all too well (and he reserves those moments for us exclusively it would appear), but in general he is mostly a very happy smiley friendly kid.

For example, during one trip yesterday afternoon when Chris met with a surgeon about his back, here's a sampling of the commentary from the people we met along the way:

- at the waiting room at the doctor's office yesterday "He's such a happy baby"

- in the parking garage on the way in to the surgeon's office "What a cute baby"

- in the elevator to the surgeon's office "Oh look at that smile!"

- in the elevator in the parking garage "Oh he looks like such a happy baby"

- the surgeon himself, "Wow, I love this little guy, what a happy baby!"

This was in a span of like two hours!

But Henry reserved the best part for me. When Ali went to get my prescription filled, leaving me in the car with Henry, I entertained him by making a popping sound with my finger in my mouth.

Here's the resulting videos I shot on my phone.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Is Henry?

Henry is doing great. I wish I could say the same for our house search in Oak Park. Despite seeing new places yesterday we're still underwhelmed. We acknowledge that due to our price range we're not going to find the perfect place, and the age of these homes that further complicates matters - smaller rooms, no master bedroom or bathroom, tiny yards, roof issues, etc. The smaller places are too small, the larger places are in less desirable areas of town. It's not that 'it's always something,' it's that it's always three or four things that give us pause. It's looking more and more like we'll have to bite the bullet and enter into temporary short-term housing to give us more time to scour oak park and find the place we're really comfortable with. Though we're less than thrilled with the idea of living out of a suitcase more or less for the coming months and having to move at least twice, the peace of mind we'll get from knowing we were thorough in our search and the likelihood that gives us of finding the best place possible seems worth the added hassle.

Then we can all sleep as soundly as our little guy.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Henry Goes East

Back from his latest trip to the east coast our intrepid traveler Henry (and he really is a fantastic traveler with 6 flights already under his belt and hardly a fuss on any of them) is now ready to resume his mission to find a house here in the Chicagoland area. Henry had fun in New Jersey visiting Aunt Jessie, Grandma Pat and Poppop, Gigi, and Nana Mares. He also had fun up in Boston meeting the gang of Ali and Chris's friends and their budding broods. The Kelleys, the Rosses, the Bentleys, the Hungs, Baileys, and Rubensteins; and of course, cousin Larry. Henry experienced a lot of firsts while East - his first boat ride - the ferry from Boston to Hingham, his first high-speed train ride from Connecticut to Boston, his first time at the beach and in the ocean in Cohassett and his first time in a swimming pool - thanks Aunt Jessie!

Now back in Chicago we've resumed our search for a house and the clock is ticking. We close on our place August 27 so we have just a couple weeks left to either find a home or a very large cardboard box. We've zeroed in on Oak Park but unfortunately our first offer fell through on account of the seller having a case of 'the crazies.' We'll be heading back out today to try to find an even better place, and hope to not be held back by Chris who is suffering from 2 herniated discs in his lower back.

Yup, there's never a dull moment with Henry Jay and the Ohlhoffs!