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Monday, June 16, 2008

Nine months young

All right. So we're terribly, horribly remiss in updating this thing. Fortunately, the reason we haven't updated is because we've been spending time with our most avid readers, so you guys can't be TOO mad at us. Sure, this blog thing is fun, but I think we can all agree Henry's even better in person.

Henry is nine months old now. Didn't I just yesterday post about him being eight months old? Summer is in full swing and I dare say I'm having more fun than I've ever had in my entire life. Being Henry's mama is just that good.

What's Henry doing as a nine-month-old? His most notable new trick is an increasingly fast army crawl, in which keeps his belly on the ground and drags his body around by pushing off his forearms and toes. It sounds terribly inefficient, but the little guy can be surprisingly quick, especially when there's a dangerous object to be had. He is solid as a rock when he sits up now and can get from sitting up to his being on his belly, albeit ungracefully.

He also has an ever-increasing vocabulary of babble sounds (Goo blah! Blah baba mamama gah! Geeeee blah goo!) and is putting more and more emotion into his soliloquies. He seems very eager to join in the conversation!

We continue to introduce new solid foods and he hasn't had any trouble with anything. So far, he enjoys pears and peas the most. And no...he's not yet sleeping through the night -- still up at least twice to nurse {{{sigh}}}}. My parents have offered to come and manage a "cry it out" process to rid Henry of his desire to eat through the night, but I have a feeling they'd be even bigger softies than we are.

Sleep issues aside, Henry continues to be one of the most smiley, happy kids we've ever seen (and yes, we're biased, but other people say it too!). He has truly entered an age of discovery and it's so exciting watching the world unfold for him.

Here are some pictures from the last month. Enjoy!

One of his "adventures" -- he was playing on the floor in our bedroom and before I knew it he'd rolled himself under the bed.

Oh, what? I'm not supposed to be under the bed? My mistake!

Enjoying a meal with Aunt Libby

Swing time in Minneapolis

Sitting up in his new big-boy bathtub

How we spend many afternoons these days...

Posing with my dad and grandmother -- four generations of Kiedrowskis!

Sizing up Uncle Pete and Aunt Mary

A moment with my grandfather

Meal time with Grandpa Jay

Oh! I forgot to mention that Henry has FOUR teeth coming in -- two on top and two on bottom. As such, he is biting everything in sight. And he has figured out how to blow raspberries while chewing on his fingers, adding new meaning to the saying, "Say it, don't spray it."

Saying "night night" to PopPop

Feeling very proud of Daddy at graduation/Father's Day

Our little family :-)

Henry found the graduation ceremony a little...sleep-inducing

Playtime with cousin Liam