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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A little more action than we were hoping for at this point...

Well, not too long after I wrote that last post, things ceased to be boring and quiet. Just our luck. Monday morning I had my weekly appointment and learned my cerclage (the stitch that was keeping me from prematurely dilating, which was our demise last time) is no longer holding quite right. It's a serious bummer because minihoff -- and at 2 lbs., he is indeed very mini at the moment -- is now at an increased risk of a premature arrival. We were not expecting this after the docs quoted a 98% success rate with the cerclage, so like I said: bummer.

However, it's important to note this is happening much later in the pregnancy than last time, so we believe we will have a very different outcome. All things considered, we're actually in pretty good spirits. We remember the alternative all too well, and are thrilled to be well within the realm of "viability" now. Then again, no one wants to see a baby needing months of intensive medical care -- least of all his parents!

I am in the hospital for a little while to make sure labor isn't imminent. Presuming it holds off, I'll be going home to even stricter bed rest. I received steroid shots to speed up the little man's lung development (let the Barry Bonds jokes begin), which will help him get oxygen more quickly in the event of an early debut. This in turn will help him avoid a number of health problems.

The encouraging thing today was a visit from one of the neonatologists. Fortunately, our hospital -- Northwestern Memorial -- has the best neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in the state. The stats for a baby born at this gestation are better than we thought. Some 85% survive at this age, and at least a third of those have no lasting disabilities whatsoever, particularly when mom gets the steroids like I now have. (The other two thirds run the gamut from minor issues to more serious problems.) Best of all, the numbers get a little higher every day he stays put. As the doctor said, "We certainly don't want him to born this early, but if he is, we're ready for him."

Apparently I could stay completely stable for several more weeks, or things could continue to slide. 28 weeks is our next big milestone, then 32, then full term at 36-37 weeks (I am almost 26 weeks today). We just don't know what will happen, and the doctors are loathe to prognosticate when it comes to my goofy reproductive system. So, we will hope and pray and continue to be grateful for every extra day we get. If you're reading this, please keep up your prayers and good vibes for us, too -- they are appreciated more than you could ever know!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

25w belly shot

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All is -- thankfully -- quiet on the pregnancy front. We like it that way.

P.S. I do still have a head, but since I haven't had my hair done since March, I'll spare you. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Can I get a full rack please?

This is the daddy of the one we call minihoff (among a slew of other nicknames). I like watching him kick mommy, and I like feeling him give me high fives through her growing tummy. I hope he gets big and fat in there so when he comes out he'll be our MONSTER BABY!

I'm 25 Weeks Old!

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Welcome to a blog all about me. I live in the belly above. I'm just big enough now to make my mom's nights very restless. Sometimes I play tricks on her, like "kick mom's bladder" or "try to kick open the hatch" or "kick mom in the bowels." But my mom still loves me.

So far, I'm growing at the right rate and all is well with my snug home. You can see why Mom is starting to smile more and more these days. They say I'd make it if I made an appearance now, but Mom and Dad told me I'm not allowed out until the leaves change colors and it's baseball playoff season -- that's my cue. See you then!